Welcome to Healthfit Consultants

We specialize in osteoporosis and osteopenia prevention
and treatment utilizing a holistic approach.

Confused about what food to eat for strong bones?

What can you do beside supplements to combat osteoporosis/osteopenia?

Are you off medication and want to keep your bones healthy?

What exercises are safe and effective to help
strengthen your bones?

My name is Margie Bissinger.  I am a physical therapist and health coach who has spent the last thirty years working with clients to improve their health and well-being. My special interest is in working with individuals to prevent and treat osteoporosis or osteopenia by utilizing whole foods, exercise, and lifestyle modifications.  

My goal is to give you the power and tools to take control of your bone health. 

The POWER Hour

Discover how my holistic approach can help you achieve optimal bone health - I invite you to join me for a one-hour phone consultation to get you started on your way to healthy bones.

We will explore your current exercise program, diet, and lifestyle.

Together we will create an action plan.

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